Special Education

Special Education

Torrington provides a wide range of services for our special needs students.  These include an integrated preschool program, integrated classrooms at all levels, transition support, psychological services, social work services, occupational, speech, and physical therapy.   The special education process is viewed as a collaborative effort involving families, general education staff, special education teachers, related service providers, and other community personnel.  The Planning and Placement Team (PPT) in each school is a multi-disciplinary team that identifies children with special education needs such as learning disabilities, speech and language impairments, emotional disabilities, physical disabilities, or intellectual disabilities.  The PPT recommends the programs and services to support the academic program.

Special education services are provided by certified teachers to those students determined to have special needs which interfere with their educational progress.  Students who require special education in order to succeed may receive this help through collaborative/integrated assistance within their regular classroom or they may be assigned to a resource room. Students who need more intensive service are assigned to special class instruction with a special education teacher who is responsible for the educational program in specific subjects.

It is important to note that in most instances, comprehensive efforts will be made to serve students within regular educational settings, and with regular educational supports, before special education interventions are applied. This is consistent with the standard of "least restrictive environment," and with state mandates directing that efforts be made to remediate a student's difficulties prior to referral for special education consideration.

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