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Graduates at Torrington High School must successfully complete a minimum of twenty-two (22) units of credit in keeping with Conn. Education Law Title X of the General Statutes, Sec. 10-221a and Board of Education Policy.

Electives – 5 credits (Including 1 Computer Applications Course)  
English – 4 credits
Fine Arts – 1 credit

Health – 1 credit

Mathematics – 3 credits

Physical Education – 1 credit

Applied Education – 1 credit
Science – 3 credits
Social Studies – 3 credits (Including U.S. History and American Government/Citizenship)

Graduates must also meet proficiency (Level 3) on the reading or writing, and math assessments of the Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT)

A minimum of 6 units of credit must be taken per academic year.  Exceptions must be approved by administration.

 Refer to Board of Education Policy.


HONOR ROLL RQUIREMENTS                               
Honor roll will be published for marking period grades only.  To be eligible for the honor roll a student must be carrying at least five (5) academic credits and must have no incomplete grades.


Honors with Distinction is acheived by a student with every grade being a 94 or above

High Honors is achieved by a student with every grade being a 90 or above

Honors are achieved by a student with all grades 80 or above


Courses with an "00" Designation (General)
Purpose of these courses is to provide remediation, if needed, and to give students the opportunity to acquire necessary skills to enter the world market for the 21st century.  All introductory level courses are taught at this level as well as those that require limited outside course work.

Courses with an "04" Designation (College Prep)
    Academic courses requiring good academic skills, and a developing ablility to work indepentdently and manage moderate and long term assignments.

    Age appropriate development in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills

Courses with an "06" Designation (Honors)
    Rigorous courses requiring academicall strong skills and a high level of interest and motivation in the subject.

    Ability to work independently and manage long term assignments

    High development in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills

Courses with an "08" Designation (Advanced Placement and/or College Credits)
    Advanced courses requiring content specific ability and skills and a superior level of motivation and interest in the subject

    Superior level or reasoning

    Ability to work independently and manage long term assignments successfully

    Ability to engage in discussion and ask meaningful questions

    Superior development in critical reading, writing, and thinking skills


One-Quarter (.25 credit) Course  
Marking Period Grade

One-Semester (.5 credit) Course 
First marking period grade = 40%
Second marking period grade = 40%
Final Examination = 20%*

Full-year  (1.0 credit) Courses
First marking period grade = 20%
Second marking period grade = 20%
Mid-Term Examination = 10%*
Third marking period grade = 20%
Fourth marking period grade = 20%
Final Examination = 10%*

*Either written examination or practicum.
All students will take mid-term examinations. There are no exemptions.

Final Examination Exemptions: There will be no exemptions from final exams for grades 9, 10, 11.  However, exemptions will be granted to seniors who have maintained an average of 90 or above for the class. 

Please note:  Student enrolled in UCONN ECE courses are required to take the final exam.

Courses are identified by a three-digit number followed by two digits:  00, 04, 06, or 08.  These numbers are also used to determine weight differentials and grade point averages using the following formula.  Grades in courses ending in 08 will be weighted and multiplied by a factor of 1.08 (Advanced Placement and College Courses).  Grades in courses ending in 06 will be weighted and multiplied by a factor of 1.06 (Honors Courses).  Grades in courses ending in 04 will be weighted and multiplied by a factor of 1.04 (College Preparatory courses).

CLASS RANK/ Valedictorian and Salutatorian
Rank in class is based upon weighted grade averages.  Class rank and academic average are available at the end of the junior year and the end of the first semester of the senior year. The students who rank number one and number two at the end of the first semester of  the senior year earn the rank of valedictorian and salutatorian if they have been students of Torrington High School 
for a minimum of two and one-half years.  

Any student-initiated change in selection must be made no later than two (2) days after the last day of school in the previous year. Students who withdraw from a course after the start of school in the fall will receive a WF (withdrawal failing ¨C grade of 0) on the transcript for the course. Teacher initiated changes will result in a W (Withdrawal) being recorded on the transcript. All drop/add activity will involve the student, parent(s) and guidance counselor.


Homework and grading policies will be established, published, and enforced by individual teachers who will distribute this information to students at the first class of each new course and to parents (guardians) on Parents Night. Make-up work and extra-help for instructional support take precedence over any club or activity meeting during the THS period. It is expected that both can be attended to during THS time or after school at teacher discretion. Students are given two (2) school days within which to make up work for each day of an absence except in extenuating circumstances. Make-up sessions for final exams or presentations will need to be arranged on an individual basis with the teacher. Work is due on or before the due date that is established, published and enforced by each individual teacher. Teachers will disseminate this information in written form to students and to parents (guardians) on or before each of the Parents Nights. Work missed as a result of either unauthorized absence or class cuts cannot be made up.

Students whose grades are incomplete will receive an "I" on their report cards. Teachers will notify students of the date by which these incompletes must be resolved. A period of ten school days from the close of the marking period is considered the maximum time for resolving incompletes unless extreme and unusual student circumstances exist. Any deviation from this ten school day period needs approval of the Principal in writing. If work is not accomplished by the cutoff date, the students grade will be computed without benefit of those assignments.

Courses taken off campus require prior administrative approval. Courses successfully completed will be recorded on the transcript with no percentage grade assigned (AC ¨C additional credit). These courses are in addition to the state and local graduation requirements and may not be used to supplant/meet graduation requirements.


All withdrawals are done through the students counselor in the guidance department. Students must have written permission of their parents to withdraw from school until they have reached eighteen years of age. Students must return all book/materials that belong to the school prior to withdrawing. If books/materials have been lost or stolen, the student must pay replacement costs. No transcripts can be released if students do not follow the official withdrawal process through the guidance department. IN ACCORDANCE WITH STATE STATUTES, STUDENTS WHO WITDRAW FROM SCHOOL MAY BE REQUIRED TO WAIT UP TO 90 DAYS BEFORE RE-ENROLLING.


All teachers issue progress reports, mailed home at each mid-quarter period (5 weeks). Teachers may issue progress reports at other times believed necessary. Additional progress reports may be mailed or sent home with the student. Copies are kept on file in the guidance office. Students and parents are encouraged to consult with teachers to determine their progress at any time during the school year.
Report cards will be issued at the end of each quarter.

Parents of all children in a school or program supported by Title I funds may request information regarding the professional qualifications of the students' classroom teachers. Upon request, this information will be provided in a timely fashion and will include:
1. Whether their child's teacher has met the State qualifications and licensing criteria for the grade levels and subject areas in which the teacher has provided instruction to the child;
2. Whether their child's teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status pursuant to which one or more state criteria have been waived;
3. The baccalaureate degree major of their child's teacher, as well as any other graduate certification and/or degree the teacher holds, including the major field of the certification or degree; and
4. Whether their child is being provided services by a paraprofessional, and, if so, the paraprofessional's qualifications.

Requests for information should be directed to:
Human Resources Office
Torrington Board of Education
355 Migeon Avenue
Torrington, CT 06790
(860) 489-2327



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