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Scholarship Pitfalls

FAILURE TO CHECK FOR SCHOLARSHIPS:  Remember to check the Guidance Office or the webpage for scholarships that become available. Scholarships are added on a frequent basis so please be sure to check it at least once a week!

FAILURE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: Many submitted applications are disqualified because all requested and necessary documentation have not been submitted with the application.   READ THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY!

BEWARE OF DEADLINES: Failure to adhere to stated deadlines can cause you to lose out on scholarship opportunities. Plan of action – Complete and submit your applications well before the deadline.

ENVELOPE & STAMP(S): When an original transcript is required to be sent with an application, please remember to provide a stamped envelope addressed to the scholarship organization together with a signed Transcript Release form (make sure proper postage is on envelope)! Again….. be aware of deadlines! Transcript releases, SAT/ACT scores, teacher recommendations, etc., may take time to assemble so please submit applications ahead of deadline date!

FAILURE TO SUBMIT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS: Many students will request local scholarship application forms they are eligible for but DO NOT return or submit the completed applications. You won’t be considered for a scholarship if an application is not submitted.   (Ex: Only 28% of Dick’s Restaurant Scholarship applications were returned the day prior to the deadline and only 33% of the THS Scholarship packets were returned by the due date)

NOTE: Scholarships are not only for seniorsStart looking for scholarships in 9th grade. Use The only person who is guaranteed not to get a scholarship is the one who doesn’t apply.


 Who can enter?

High school seniors 16 years of age or older
Undergraduate students 16 years of age or older
Must be planning to attend or continuing to attend an eligible college or university.

 How do I enter?

It's easy! Just sign up to receive helpful tips on planning and paying for college and you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

Enter Now!

You have the opportunity to earn up to 3 bonus entries when you share the sweepstakes via Facebook, Twitter and/or e-mail.

When is the entry period?

 Enter to win now through February 29, 2016.

If your name was not chosen for one of the drawings, entries are included in future drawings.

When are the drawings?

5 winners will be randomly drawn on:

June 8, 2015
September 7, 2015
December 7, 2015
March 7, 2016

Click here to access the website for further information and to register.

Information and Scholarships for Undocumented Students

Click here to find recent scholarships, criteria and application deadlines.  



Application Deadline:  January 15, 2016

Here is an exciting scholarship opportunity at Gettysburg College. Gettysburg has received a generous grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to help them achieve their goal of increasing the number of financially disadvantaged students who pursue careers in STEM fields (Biology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics).

STEM Scholars will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend a STEM-focused pre-orientation workshop with their cohort
  • Enroll in an exclusive First-Year Seminar taught by STEM faculty
  • Participate in bi-monthly luncheons with STEM faculty as well as a variety of learning activities on and off campus
  • Engage in various STEM opportunities, including faculty-student research, peer-mentoring, preferential residence in Gettysburg College's Science House, as well as internship opportunities with institutional industry partners

Please visit their website, which has a link to the application. You may contact Gail Sweezey, Director of Admissions, Gettysburg College @ 800.431.0803 with any questions you may have.


Optimum Community Scholarship Essay

Application Deadline:  November 2, 2015

Optimum is sponsoring a Hispanic Heritage Essay Contest.  Name a Latino, past or present, with whom you would chose to spend a day and explain why in 500 words or less.

Grand Prize:   $2,500 Scholarship

Visit to learn more.

Trustee Scholarship Competition

Application Deadline:  December 1, 2015

Earn a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to BU.

Please click on this link for the application and further information regarding this scholarship.

Elks National Foundation, Inc.

Scholarship Deadline:  December 4, 2015

Applications are available to download.  To obtain further information and the application, please click here.  Email address is required to register and a unique cover page will be generated with your personalized application ID number.

You may also visit their website at:

NFIB 2016 Young Entrepreneur Award

Application Deadline: December 18, 2015


Apply for a 2016 NFIB Young Entrepreneur Award.  Graduating high school seniors who operate their own small business are eligible to receive an award from the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation. 

Please visit their website for additional information and to apply online.

This year, thanks to VISA, 95 Awards will be $2000 each, 3 Awards will be $10,000 each, 1 Award will be $15,000, and 1 will be $25,000!

United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Program

Application Deadline:  January 15, 2016

Each year the Connecticut JCI Senate awards $500 scholarships to two Connecticut high school seniors who plan to continue their education at accredited post-seconary colleges, universities or vocational schools.

The winners are then submitted to the U.S. JCI Senate Foundation for consideration for $1,000 awards.

Information and applications may be downloaded from the website:

Please contact the Scholarship Chair:  Vincent Lentini #47865 at with any questions.


Ronald McDonald House Charities “RMHC”


Application Deadline: January 20, 2016

Helping students afford the education of their dreams.

Students across the country work hard to earn top marks, dreaming of the college they'll attend and the education they'll receive. Unfortunately, many of these students won’t be able to afford it.

RMHC wants these students to reach their full potential. To help them accomplish this, their network of U.S. Chapters, along with the global office of RMHC, offer scholarships to students in financial need who have demonstrated academic achievement, leadership and community involvement. Since 1985, more than $56 million in scholarships have been awarded.


Beginning October 1, 2015, students may apply online. Graduating high school seniors may only apply for one of the four scholarships. The deadline for the 2016 academic year is January 20, 2016 at 11:59 PM Central Time Zone, and all mailed back-up documents must be postmarked by the same date. Applicants will be notified of scholarship award status by June 30, 2016.

Search the FAQs about the program and the application process or apply on October 1, 2015.

Scholarships are for students in the United States living in areas where there are participating local RMHC Chapters. Please note that not all Chapters offer all four scholarships below. 

Please select this link to access the FAQs and local RMHC Chapters along with further information regarding these scholarships.  You will be able to access the online application with this link. 

RMHC/Scholars: All students are eligible to apply regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or national origin.


RMHC/Asia: Applicant must have at least one parent of Asian-Pacific heritage.


RMHC/African-American Future Achievers: Applicant must have at least one parent of African American or Black Caribbean heritage.


RMHC/HACER®: Applicant must have at least one parent of Hispanic/Latino heritage.

Application Deadline:  January 31, 2016

Princeton University sponsors an annual awards program for high school students — the Princeton Prize in Race Relations. Applications postmarked by January 31, 2016, will be eligible for prizes — including cash awards up to $1,000 for particularly noteworthy work.

If you are a high school student involved in an activity that is helping to improve race relations in your school or community, we want to hear from you.

If you know of a high school student who is helping to improve race relations, please encourage him or her to apply.

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations was created to identify and commend young people who are working to increase understanding and mutual respect among all races. Through this effort, we hope to inspire others to join in these or similar efforts, and to undertake initiatives of their own.

Princeton is strongly committed to advancing the cause of race relations on its campus. Among other efforts, in recent years, Princeton has:

              Increased the diversity of its faculty, staff, and student body

              Launched the Center for African American Studies to serve as a model for teaching and   research on race in America

              Adopted the most progressive undergraduate financial aid program in the country

              Dedicated the Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding

              Launched a program of "sustained dialogue" on the subject of race relations among students, faculty, and staff.

For additional information, online application, etc., please visit their website at:

Big Y Scholarship

Entry Deadline:  February 1, 2016

Please click on this link to access further information regarding this scholarship and the scholarship application.


Application Deadline is March 1, 2016

The 2015-2016 CTDAR Scholarship Committee will be awarding four CTDAR Scholarhips of $1,000 each to deserving students who plan to enter college as a freshman the year after graduation from high school.

Any student may apply providing their class rank is in the UPPER 25%. 

Please click here to access the scholarship qualifications and further information regarding this scholarship.

Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

Application Deadline:  March 16, 2016


Each year The Charlotte Hungerford Hospital Auxiliary grants scholarships to graduates of area high schools. These schools are located in towns whose citizens avail themselves of the services of Charlotte Hungerford Hospital.

This year the committee will grant a total of 12 scholarships, each in the amount of $1,000, to be presented on May 10th, 2016. Two of the scholarships have particular meaning : The Fabro Scholarship, made possible by a generous bequest from Dr. J. Alfred Fabro, and the Dr. Joseph Curi Scholarship given by his family.

To be considered, a student must state that he/she plans to enter a health-related field. Applicants are to complete the appropriate forms (attached) and submit them in hard copy, postmarked by March 16, 2016 (no exceptions to this cut off date). All applications must be in typed format. Please mail all components of the application in one envelope.

Members of the Selection Committee look forward to reviewing the applications of qualified candidates. If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us at:   

Please click here for further information regarding this scholarship and to download the PDF application.

Please click here for further information regarding this scholarship and to download the word application.


For Innovation and Creativity

Application Deadline:  April 30, 2016

This is a four-year scholarship of up to $20,000 (awards up to $5,000 per year to each winner) for exceptionally Innovative and Creative High School Juniors, Seniors and College Freshmen who are from Connecticut or the New York City metro area.

Apply for this Scholarship if you are:

  • a student who has come up with a distinctive solution to a problem faced by your family, school, community or the world
  • a student who has solved an artistic, scientific, or technical problem in a new or unusual way
  • a student who has develped an innovative way to save the environment or improve people's health

You may apply on line at  For more information, please email or contact Denise Canning at The Community Foundatin for Greater New Haven at 203-777-7076 or

Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship

Application Deadline:  June 1, 2016

The Aspiring Fashion Professional Scholarship is a $1,000 scholarship that will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing a fashion degree at an accredited post-secondary school or college.  Interested students can visit this link and find the scholarship located at the bottom of the page and click on it.

Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship

Application Deadline:  June 1, 2016

The Aspiring Animation Professional Scholarship Program is offered to high school seniors to give them the opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship.  This will be awarded to students that are interested in pursuing an animation career path at an accredited post-secondary school or college. Interested students may visit their website, to find eligibility information along with the online application. Please click on the scholarship located on the right side of the page. 

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program

Scholarship Deadline   -  June 10, 2016

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants are pleased to be able to continue with our scholarship program for the 9th year.   We will be awarding up to $1,000 to the winner(s) each year.

Application Process

Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of our web site:

Full details are available on their site.

Students are encouraged to apply!

Scholarship Guidance

Please visit the following website for a High School and University Resource for students.


SP Scholarship - $10,000 - 10 Awards (Deadline: October 30, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

A) Be at least 13 years old and enrolled or will enroll in a college or university in the US.

B) Be a legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Applications can be found by going to:

Points Scholarship - $10,000 - 10 Awards (Deadline: November 3, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

A) Be at least 13 years old and enrolled or will enroll in a college or university in the US.

B) Be a legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Applications can be found by going to:  

Create Real Impact Scholarship - $1,500 - 10 Awards           (Deadline: November 5, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

Create Real Impact Contest Awards are open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia between the ages of 14 and 22 years. Entrants must be enrolled as full-time students in an accredited educational institution (secondary [middle/high] school, trade school, college, or university). All applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited.

Applications can be found by going to:


Good360 Sustainability Scholarship - $1,000 - 1 Award (Deadline: November 30, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

We want to hear how sustainability has touched your life. If you’re a high school senior applying to college, or you’re currently a college student, and you have an interest in sustainability and the environment, then we’d love to hear your thoughts on what sustainability means to you. Thus, we’re sponsoring a college scholarship with an award of $1,000 to go towards tuition.

Applications can be found by going to:


Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships - $5,000 - 20 Award (Deadline: December 5, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarships are open to all college and high school students enrolled in an accredited educational institution in the United States. Applicants must meet the age requirement by October 5, 2015.

Applications can be found by going to: 

"Mean Stinks" Scholarship - $10,000 - 3 Awards (Deadline: December 14, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

To enter, students are asked to share how they will bring an end to bullying once and for all while living the Mean Stinks mantra of spreading nice to make a positive impact on those around them. Students must be 17 or older to enter, and winners will be chosen by a panel of sponsor-selected judges based on the judging criteria found on their website.

Applications can be found by going to:     

Flosum Scholarship - $750 - 1 Award (Deadline: December 15, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

1. The applicants must be enrolled in an accredited 4-year university or college located in United States;

2. Graduating high school seniors with a GPA of 3.5 or above are also eligible to apply for the scholarship;

Applications can be found by going to:      


Out-Of-The-Box-Thinking Scholarship - $1500 - 3 Awards (Deadline: December 20, 2015)

Student Eligibility:

A) Applicants must be a current student at any high school, accredited university, graduate school or equivalent within the U.S.

B) Applicants must submit a copy of their school verification (courses with your name, acceptance, transcript, or equivalent)

 Applications can be found by going to:


10 Words or Less Scholarship - $500 - 1 Award (Deadline: January 29, 2016)

Student Eligibility:

A) Anyone who is between the ages of 14-25 who will be attending school in the Fall of 2016.

B) In 10 words or less, tell us why you deserve the $500 scholarship.

Applications can be found by going to:


Zeiger Firm Scholarship - $1,000 - 1 Award (Deadline: February 2, 2016)

Student Eligibility:

In order to participate, prospective applicants must be currently enrolled in an accredited United States college or university or planning to attend one in the fall 2016 semester. Applicants should submit a 500-word essay answering the question on the website.

Applications can be found by going to:


IAPMO Scholarship - $1,000 - 3 Award (Deadline: May 1, 2016)

Student Eligibility:

Must be a current high school senior; or enrolled or accepted as a full-time (12 credit hours) student in an accredited technical school, community college, trade school, four-year accredited college or university, or an apprentice program.

Applications can be found by going to: 

Scholarship Experts

Please visit the following website for a free scholarship matching service with a database of over 2.4 milllion scholarships.  These scholarships are updated on a daily basis.

Student Scholarships Now

Please visit the following website for scholarships that Connecticut students are eligible for.

Artists & Writers Awards

Deadlines vary by region


All students in Grades 7 - 12 can participate and $10 million is available to artists and writers.  Please visit the website for further information. 

This web site is a leading online resource in finding scholarships to help pay for school.

Click here for further information and to access this website.


These scholarships and applications change on a daily basis.  Check back frequently to get the lastest scholarships available.

The Discus Awards scholarship program remains committed to helping students in grades 9 through 12 find money for college, so our popular "Best List of College Scholarships" remains accessible and updated at
Please click here to access this scholarship resource. 

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Science is offering various scholarships.  Please click here to visit their website for further information and applications.

Fast Web

At Fastweb, We Have It All

 Scholarships, Internships, Colleges and More

Also check out their website for some really interesting scholarships:


Scholly has scholarships for high school students and current college students. Scholly's adaptive matching engine will find the scholarships you qualify for in seconds, without sign-ups or long forms that ask for your personal information.

Please click here to access their website:


Scholarship information is also posted on the bulletin board or in the Scholarship Box located inside the Guidance Office as it is received!  Check on a regular basis!

Financial Aid Power Point Link 

Click here for the Guidance Information Page


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